The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)




That was to do with persistent posting, a (related) one off is fine.

(Tbh can see the edits anyway)


I need


Oh now that is good


his voice goes through me though


that’s sort of the point isn’t it?


Fucking hell

The clip in that article is beyond abysmal.


Marge sounds so old and worn out. :frowning:


can’t help but feel people should just be ignoring this latest episode, instead of giving it a sliver of attention for the first time in 20 years. (?citation) this might be giving the writers ideas now



today in work two people pulled out of our 5-a-side team for some charity tournament

me: “it’s going to be like that episode of the simpsons where everyone gets an injury and isn’t able to play”

safe to say now that i don’t think anyone in my team watches the simpsons.



most of them aren’t even injuries really are they. joke’s on me. well it already was, y’know.



another fine simsops memory!


This made me both mad at The Simpsons and sad at how irrelevant it has become. So weird that a show that used to be so sharp as hell has been reduced to weird land grabs for our attention.


It’s just so tacky. The allusion is so tenuous, they have to pan to a picture of Apu on Lisa’s bedside table. Just so weak. They could have had a genuinely interesting episode exploring the stereotypes of Springfield or another Apu-focussed episode. Feels like they’ve just given up and waiting for one of the main voice actors to die so they can kick it all in,




The irony is they have actually done that episode, but I guess that was before a tv doc was made about how offensive Apu is to South Asian/Indian people so no one noticed.

(even though they did acknowledge it in the doc, and I’ve seen it, it’s alright)


Is that one of the newer ones, or the one where Apu gets American citizenship? I’ve not watched the doc, may try and watch it.