The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


Also worth noting that Manjula (Apu’s wife) was voiced by Jan Hooks. So 9 years into the show they went out of their way to hire a white person. Then when Jan Hooks died in 2014 they had another white woman do the voice, but at least with the excuse that she was in-house talent.



Is there a band called Milpool?

If not, I’m taking it to the classifieds thread


extremely disappointed by the lack of any simpsons related song titles tbh


more recent, but I can’t for the life of me find it because I don’t watch new episodes (and there are hundreds of them), obviously, and because now this new episode is all that comes up when I search for it, I just happened to catch it one day.

I do think while the voice can certainly be deemed offensive though they have devoted more time into Apu’s back story than maybe any other secondary character (other than Krusty maybe?)


Sub-thread, Simpsons related potential song-title ideas:

“We’ll Always Have The Laundromat”, “Matlock Expressway”



‘There’s A Spider Near My Car Keys’.


this could go on for a while…

“I told you not to touch that”

deep cut for you there lads

hang on am I writing lyrics?



I love this song. I read that they used to name all their instrumental demos after Simpsons quotes in this period, before adding lyrics and then changing titles accordingly.


when loony tunes have one over on you, you should really give up


av clubs response is pretty spot on

@Severed799 this article prob includes the ep youre talking about


yes! this one:

It was actually a fairly decent episode in tackling the character of Apu is a sensible way, certainly for a current era ep.


almost the worst thing about it is people in the comments sections of all these articles talking about hiring a middle eastern actor to voice apu. india isnt in the middle east, guys


oh ffs. It’s weird, The Simpsons hanger-ons are definitely giving it the alt-right “oh The Simpsons lambasts everyone it’s satire” argument.


such shit


that review almost makes it sound …funny?


it’s a genuinely “ok” episode for a new one, it’s worth checking out. It didn’t make me hate myself for watching it so that was the main thing.