The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)









I’m sure the gif allowance is getting smaller and smaller.


I don’t recognise that last bit at all


Banned on all UK TV channels. Just see this handy guide



i was going to say it’s probably censored on channel 4

all my simpkins watching comes via the dvds now.


Mr Burns calling U2 ‘wankers’ is a good censored moment.


It seems so weird to me that C4 still broadcast the show. In fact even when the BBC finally got the rights I was a bit confused. It felt so wrong that you could actually watch the Simpsons without paying extra money or finding a mate with Tory parents who had Sky to record it for you.


This is probably my most used Simpsons line IRL


Was going to post this exact thing.


Love Homer’s nodding head movement in the ‘oh, I see’ bit.





the world was a better place when the simpsons was on bbc2


except when the snooker was on


well i like snooker, so i want to write a letter saying i wasn’t offended


would you say that you’re snooker loopy?