The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)



love how bleak this is on its own


I’ve just been watching Seasons 3 and 4 on DVD over the past couple of months (a few episodes a week, usually while eating my dinner).

These are hands down my favourite Seasons. I swear the show was better when it was ‘badly’ drawn (i.e. the first 4 seasons). I actually think Season 3 is the best thing that has ever been on television - the show really came into its own skin then.


Actually think this my favourite episode.

The bits at the start where marge is trying to stop him finding out.











Cursed forward facing face.





Oh FFS mat groening.


whats he done?

edit: oh I see



no but really, what has he done?


Documentary guy: i love the simpsons but it needs to own its mistakes with Apu because those stereotypes were used to bully me and many other south asians
MG: “we live in a society where people love to find any possible excuse to be offended”