The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


I like cartoons, don’t get me wrong. Used to like the Simpsons a lot. Much better stuff, though, ain’t there? They could put everything after series eight or nine in the bin, couldn’t they?


I doubt you’ll find many in disagreement with you there.


The Max Power episode is Season 10 but yeah.



reckon they could have avoided the whole controversy by just using the spanish dubs for Apu


I had a German flatmate from 1999-2000, we watched the Simpsons once and he thought that Homer’s voice was much funnier in the German dub, became quite adamant on the subject. Years later I watched a clip on YouTube, didn’t see it myself but there we are. He was a nice man though, gave me half a packet of Camel Lights when he moved out.


but yeah, on a serious note, Apu has absolutely no place in today’s simpsons in his current form. Maybe he did back when the show started. maybe they could have also handled it better than simply axing him without an explanation.


Amazing work.


I haven’t hit play on this but I know the instant that I do I’ll be in pieces laughing. Spanish dubbed Simpsons is fucking Kryptonite to me.


Oh fuck I’m fucking done in here. Tears streaming down my face in public.




Why would he be interpreting the lyrics :smiley:


genuinely prefer this one to the original



Agreed. Way better.


weird how they redubbed the boy actually speaking in Spanish…


Absolutely love the mumbling at 01:42


@profk I would like very much to see the Spanish dub of the ‘Rock Bottom’ segment