The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


dunno if it’s just me, but Channel 4 and Sky seem to have been showing better Simpsons episodes recently and they seem more edited than ever. watching the Itchy and Scratchy Movie episode now and they’ve edited some Itchy and Scratchy bits out (but left others in) and even the hiccupping man who says kill me in between hiccups got edited so he just hiccups. what’s the point?


the lad going humber humber humber humber in castro’s ear set me off. oh what @drastic_measures said. should scroll down.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

didn’t disappoint


Simpsons in Spanish rankles with me because when I was little and visiting the fam I’d switch on the telly and see that Simpsons was on, then realise it was Spanish dubbed and I couldn’t understand any of it. First time I heard Spanish Homer really freaked me out, felt like nothing made sense anymore.


This is my favourite


Fun fact: while learning german my partner at the time bought me the first season of Die Simpsons


Channel 4 are awful for their heavy edits, think sky are ok though?


Channel 4 are definitely worse, yeah - tbh i forget which channel i’m watching half the time, as long as it has good Simpsons i’m there


Yeah, some of C4’s edits are so arbitrary. As was pointed out, they edited a man saying ‘kill me’ when he was hiccupping yet apparently it’s fine to show the Itchy and Scratchy torture scenes.

Anyway, for me this is the best Simpsons’ line ever:


alright Chris Martin


The Simpsons, The


My favourer channel 4 edit story:

In Trash of the Titans, when Homer pushes to the front to register his candidacy for sanitation commissioner, and the sarcastic guy replies “this is where you register to be a sex offender” - they cut that line. So it went straight from Homer announcing to Moe walking in and saying “ah, there’s always a line!” (I guess Moe regularly runs for sanitation commissioner?!?)

The thing is, it was showing as part of T4, which always ran little previews at the start of the preceding ad break, and for this episode they’d run this joke, completely unedited, including the sex offender line. Proper :clap: slowest :clap: clap :clap: stuff.


been reading replies to Hari’s tweets and they’re utterly depressing. not just the flat out racial abuse like that but all the white guys trying to ‘well, actually’ him and tell him why his experiences are wrong

shit ‘snowflake’ memes keep popping up in a Simpsons meme group i follow now too and the comments are full of thick, thick cunts. ugh.


What the fucking hell, frankly. Poor guy and frankly fuck these ‘fans’.


Looks like Apu was discussed on sky news today. The chuds are obviously out in force in the twitter mentions:



Guard: “WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! Can I help you?”

Homer: “Potato man!”

Guard: “Where the hell have you been?”


Someone used to do apu voice at me at school for a little while, and then the following year he moved to calling me dr fonseca (asian character from eastenders).

Didn’t bother me very much, and racists always move on to something else, but yeah just can the whole show now tbh.


This in itself can be read as a bit of a racy joke but yet doesn’t get edited


Thought Ash was great as always