The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)


low key one of my favourite episodes. mr burns admonishing smithers for his “price taggery” was the moment I realised he was the best character on the show



Absolutely have to watch this again soon. It’s been been years since I’ve seen it.


it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened


just gonna come right out and say it

I don’t get the Simpsons captioned meme things :frowning:

I only get why it’s funny when people post just the frame alone




“Possibly while high” has become a regular in my vocabulary


Still think that seeing Cypress Hill live with the London Symphony Orchestra would be great


Ridic how this isn’t actually a thing already.




The worst of them is the garbage commissioner episode where they cut out the bit where Lisa suggests that Homer is saving the city budget through drugs but then they leave in when Lisa says “I almost wish it was drugs”

The inconsistency makes it so much worse







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Hello chief! Let’s talk, why not?


One of those “Simpsons bleeding into real life” moments…