The Actual Simpsons Thread (But everyone finally got over their Steamed Hams thing.)

this is bringing back how it felt reading house of leaves for the first time

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can you imagine if that had been the last episode?

classic era Simpsons is already venerated, but I think it would actually be EVEN MORE SO


I’ve never watched The Simpsons from start to finish

it would weird me out

maybe one for the deathbed, alongside watching that four hour bullshit Twin Peaks explained video (the one people say “actually this is probably legit”, not the one where it slowly becomes apparent that the theoriser has been through horrible trauma)

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Caught the one where the town splits by area code on TV the other day.

Woof indeed.

:musical_note: For no reason, here’s The Whoooo :musical_note:


As far as I’m concerned, it is the last episode.

Apparently they originally wanted to end the season on it but someone up top decoded it was too much of a bummer and went witht the military school one instead but yeah, Homer’s Enemy is the natural conclusion of the show and I often wish they’d held out and actually made it the finale

I remember that one being funny for the first 5 minutes then descending into utter bilge

11 and 12 still have their moments, that episode was really good in the first half before the jockey kidnapping shite

They’re still better than the stuff that comes after


Just reminded myself of the S12 episode list. There’s some serious pish in there, but Hungry Hungry Homer and Trilogy of Error are genuinely great episodes. I guess I’ve got that to look forward to :man_shrugging: TBF, even the aforementioned travesty that is the area-code Who episode features the wonderful “badger my ass, it’s probably Milhouse” scene.

(really really not looking forward to the fecking Kid Rock S11 episode coming up soon…)

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Isn’t it funny how The Simpsons is going to be to the next generation as The Flintstones was to ours

Sorry, I had this thought earlier while I was arranging the tins in my cupboard and I needed to vocalise it somewhere


I think the Kid Rock episode is the point at which I stopped watching altogether. Astonishingly rapid decline from the best thing on TV to essentially, the worst.


It did give us phonie mcringring, have nicknamed my phones since 2005 with this name. Currently on phonie mcringring vii




“This muscle shirt is a good find.”

“Dad, that’s a sports bra.”

Well played, S11. Well played.

It’s S12 and A Tale of Two Springfields time. The first 7-8 minutes of this episode are utterly hilarious, then everything turns to unpolished shit once New Springfield is formed. I can’t take much more, and the Who haven’t even turned up yet…

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Thought the new short before Onward was quite nice. Mostly cos none of the characters talk.

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That’s why a lot of people don’t consider Season 9 as golden age

Conversely, I was thoroughly annoyed

a) that there was no Pixar short and
b) that they made me watch new Simpsons, which is bereft of anything that made good Simpsons good

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