The Actual Simpsons Thread (Steamed Hams content will be deleted/removed.)


just noticed this line (starting at :25)

Ned: I can’t do it, Maude. I can’t face their accusing eyes!

Maude: Oh, don’t worry, Ned. This is a house of love and forgiveness.

    [Ned opens the door]


  • There he is, Ned Flanders!
  • The fallen one.
  • The evil one.
  • Bet he’s the one who wrote “Homer” all over the bathroom.


This is a hashtag good follow.


[spoiler]This is the ultimate[/spoiler]


Ugh that joke does get a bit boring after a while you know?




FFS I’m supposed to be working.


I always thought there was something a bit different about a fish called Selma (the Troy McClure fish subtext was v funny but unusual) so after reading that I now know it’s because a freelancer wrote it. Wonder if it’s possible to guess which ones weren’t written by the usual writers, there’s a list here showing who wrote what and you can kind of tell after seeing what episodes were written by freelancers once or twice


And Maggie makes three is another right?


Unfortunately thanks to watching/listening to all of the commentaries several times I am only too aware already. I love all that stuff – the TV equivalent of buying the fuckoff expensive special edition of an album and reading all the liner notes.


oww, my freakin’ sides!








Still baffles me that people really rate the movie.


Agree with most of this.

I have friends (a couple) who love early Simpsons almost as much as I do, and enjoy the same quotes etc. But they also watch the new ones.

I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not only is it just shite tv, but it makes me feel a lot worse about the show as a whole.


I’m amazed anyone still remembers its existence