The Actual Simpsons Thread (Steamed Hams content will be deleted/removed.)


Still not a patch on the good old days.


I’ve seen a clip of an older Bart lying in bed watching footage of his younger self and his family sledging, or something, that was soundtracked by Animal Collective. Is that what you mean, or did they make an appearance too?


That was the end of the episode, yeah - they don’t actually make an appearance, unfortunately.


Don’t do it, Cambridge!


Not on your life, my Hindu friend.


Brexit: The Movie

Mr. Burns as Nigel Farage
Smithers as Trump
Bobo as the UK
Maggie as Guy Verhofstadt






‘Homer are you just holding onto the can?’
‘Your point being?’


‘Oh sure like lawyers work in big skyscrapers and have secretaries, ha look at him he’s wearing a belt, that’s hollywood for you’


just watching a recent one (i know) and bart is john lydon, nelson is sid vicious and he’s hooked on chocolate and in a relationship with lisa.

I blame myself.



Speed holes!


God damn it if this isnt the best thing I’ve seen in a while


What the hell?


too soon:


this did get a giggle


That episode is from almost a decade ago. The very depths of Zombie Simpsons…


Started this.

Needs work, but I’m going to enjoy doing it anyway.


Just finished watching Season 15

Not sure what to make of it. It’s better than most newer seasons imo, although obviously nowhere near as good as Seasons 1-8 (or even 9-10 tbh). There are 1 or 2 really good episodes in it (I-D’oh-Bot springs to mind). Most episodes are ok but they’re often ruined by cringeworthy moments, usually involving Homer doing something really cringeworthy.