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I’ve spent all day going through that Simpsons Shitpost group.


I feel like that era is technically better than the few prior seasons and most anything recent, but only because its low points don’t come nearly as often, but they don’t really have any highpoints either (which is S10-12’s only saving grace.)

looking back on that chart, I’m not sure how they concluded that the mid-20s seasons were where the show started having more bad episodes than good though.


someone will care:


hooooo boy, you have some catching up to do. do you even know what Lowmer is?


Just searched for Lowmer on youtube


I think Season 15 is quite a bit better than 13 and 14, even though they’re all by Al Jean. The episodes are generally a bit better/more memorable and enjoyable to watch, it’s almost like the best of the post-Golden Era (but still nowhere near that standard). I think Season 16 is meant to be one of the ‘better’ seasons too (haven’t seen it in over a decade). I remember Season 17 being crap though - I gave up after that point.

I always thought the consensus was that Season 11 is the worst in the show’s history, or at least when it started to get noticeably really bad, purely because of episodes like Saddlesore Galactica and Kill the Alligator and Run. An awful lot of shitty episodes like that started appearing in later seasons with increasing frequency (where you could tell the writers weren’t even trying) to the point that eventually there’d only be one or two decent episodes per season (if that).


I’ve got a question for people who watched the Simpsons as a kid. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t watch this show, and the stuff my siblings and I found funny then are not what we find funny now. For example, we LOVED homer doing that floor spinning thing in the end of last exit to Springfield, we found it so hilarious, as well as the pencil dropped in homers crack and big book of British smiles. But then when I got older the other jokes I didn’t get started to become apparent and stuff like homer on the floor was only funny because burns realised how stupid homer was. Does that make sense?? Like, in cape feare which is one of my favourite episodes ever, the best bit for me when I was a kid was the rake scene, but now it’s the “hey kids, wanna drive through that cactus patch?” bit when Bart and Lisa say yeah and sideshow Bob under the car says no and homer says “2 out of 3!”, and the “the bart, the” bit. Also after watching cape fear lots of references make sense too. All of this probably doesn’t make sense cause I just woke up BUT it’s something I think about sometimes. There’s no other show I’ve literally watched my whole life and still love other than Tom and Jerry :ok_woman:t5:


I loved the first half of saddlesore galactica, Duncan the diving horse, homers pearl dream when he wants a pearl diving horse, then furious D scaring marge and all the other horses, and the ones that go back into their stalls when he looks at them…all amazing :rofl: it was just the jockey thing that ruined it towards the end


I think that’s the reason that golden age is so good and why I’ve watched the episodes so many times, there’ll always be something I’ve missed or something I’ll laugh at more than I did before. It bears endless repeats and for that reason it’s peerless in my eyes and incomparable to anything else.


I never appreciated until quite recently the reason why Bart gets Bob to sing HMS Pinafore is because he listened to the entire works of Gilbert and Sullivan earlier on in the episode. That Bob is believably magnificent and arrogant enough to do it makes it such a good pay off.


Yeah this is pretty much why it’s still so watchable after all these years, I still notice jokes or references I didn’t get in the past after 20 years


yeah that was the consensus for a long while, which is why people describing their Golden Age as running up to at least S12 really strikes me as odd. Not sure they’ve ever surpassed that season in terms of being offensively terrible on a consistent term, but the last few seasons have been pretty dire.

All I’d say about Al Jean’s initial run (since I don’t remember any specific seasons at that point) is that he brought a bit more balance to the writing in terms of it having a coherent and consistent 3 acts (as opposed to having a crap first act, quality back half (and vice versa.)) But in general he just made the show boring.



have you watched the simpsons chillwave things? they’re…kinda nice.




Holy shit how have I not seen this account before


I see where Morrisons got their inspiration for this from now…:




Yeah, I think part of the problem is that Mike Scully was showrunner for too long, whereas in the Golden Era there was a different team of showrunners for every two Seasons. Each period from Seasons 1-8 has a different “feel” to it and you can tell when watching the episodes. That’s how it stayed fresh. The showrunners had different agendas as to what they wanted the show to be like (e.g. David Mirkin’s episodes tend to be quite political, whereas Oakley and Weinstein’s are more emotional). There really should’ve been a completely different team of writers after Season 10. Seasons 9-10 weren’t great but Seasons 11-12 were a whole lot fucking worse.

The same applies to Al Jean (to a far greater extent).

I reckon even now, the show could be good again if they just got some new writers. But that’s never going to happen.