The Actual Simpsons Thread (Steamed Hams content will be deleted/removed.)


I liked it when it aired, but it’s very late 90s and veers a little too close to some of the later annoyances.


it’s so quaint in here, you people posting straight, undoctored clips


Truly, this is disturbing.



strong list, mine would be similar-ish


Re movie chat:




You have to hear it out loud…


Ten years though!!!


You Only Move Twice is slightly overrated now. Sure it’s good but take Marge vs. The Monorail - every scene is absolutely brilliant, a stone cold absolute classic. You Only Move Twice has some good gags but also Lisa getting hay-fever and shit


You Only Move Twice is great, but slightly on the over-loved side of things, at least in comparison to other episodes of the era.


No, it’s the best episode.


Lisa getting hay-fever and shit

The chipmunk blowing dandelion in her face!


Some top Simpsoning:


watching season 6, it’s amazing. kent brockman’s action news killed me





Some real stinkers also - including the jockey one (the definitive shark jump moment imo) and the death of Maude Flanders.


Sorry for replying to an old post with an extremely banal comment that has been said times before :man_facepalming: