The Actual Simpsons Thread (Steamed Hams content will be deleted/removed.)



oh yeah absolutely, it’s by no means perfect and in places is really stuggling, but I feel it’s almost important to show that demise?

anyway, I do like: the tomacco episode, the perfect game episode, the “funzo” episode, behind the laughter…

yeah you know what maybe patch it



was watching and episode where ralph had nelsons voice the other day. freaked me out


Hate this.

I was just thinking – why have there been no Simpsons blu ray releases yet? If they do that, and they’re loaded with bonus shit, I’m going to have to buy everything* again.

*1-10. Obviously.


Remember when Smithers was black?

And Apu is occasionally yellow?

And Barney’s hair was the same colour as his skin?



when evil milhouse had black hair


Wrong Moe:



Totally forgot about this. Brilliant episode.



coz who needs cartoons on blu ray?




This video highlights in detail the decline of the show


can’t believe it’s taken him 40 seconds to make this gag, ahm oot


skimmed through it. Pretty accurate from what I heard, but not necessarily anything that hasn’t already been said before. Still a good compilation of grievances I guess.



Is the answer “Frank Grimes”?