The Actual Simpsons Thread (Steamed Hams content will be deleted/removed.)


Ugh. My mate had it on yesterday, and it was the grandpa’s sex tonic one. Only they had cut out every reference to sex in it, so it seemed about fifteen minutes long. Don’t air an episode about fucking if the guidelines ban you from acknowledging the existence of fucking, you halfwits.


weird that these things were never cut on BBC 2, when you would have thought C4 was the channel more likely to show them uncut.



I saw that and it didnt cut oit every sex reference


Clowns ARE funny


Also did you know when they made Bart Gets Famous they didn’t know Conan O’Brian was going to the host of the Late show yet


more and more stuff seems to get each time an episode is broadcast. it’s political correctness gone mad





They just cut the word “Sexual” out of this ffs



fuck outta here, C4. jesus.

they just cut the bit where Willie says he didn’t come forward because [videotaping couples in cars] makes you look like a pervert.


i’m on catch up, they cut the “i was buying pornography” bit out. joke didn’t even make sense


holy shit, they haven’t censored the start of ‘Last Exit Springfield’!