The Actual Simpsons Thread


it has some low points and parts of it haven’t dated well, but it’s still better than the last few seasons before or since.

the guy making the graph slightly under-rates S7 and S8 though. Looks about right otherwise.


FX airs it all the damn time.


do they?!


Saw it twice in the cinema, god knows why.


Well this dude with a graph marks it as a relative high point.


S7&8 are a bit all over the place though. They contain some of the best/my favourite episodes ever, ever but there are a couple quiet stinkers in there too. S6 is overall the most consistent I’d say and he’s done it based on his average ratings of episodes so story checks out I think


aye just seen that, sorry, literally never seen anyone do that before though


7.4/10 on IMDB… 88% Rotten Tomatoes.

Both far higher than it deserves.


oh wow. Shows how much time I’ve spent paying attention to that piece of shit (literally watched it once, barely, and then immediately forgot about it)


Never saw it, never going to see it. It’s made by the same people as the series, how could it be anything but awful, given when it came out.


S7 & 8 are slight dips, but I wouldn’t call any of it especially bad. I’d put the downward slope slightly more on par with their S3 - 5 slope, especially since S9 is a much more dramatic drop off.

it’s not great by any means, and while this is certainly a low bar to clear, the movie felt like the most amount of effort they had put into that show in a long time.


neither he nor I called it bad though :wink:


The Movie is better than the episodes that were being produced at the time, and considerably better than everything that came afterwards, because:

  1. It has a consistent plot that isn’t just “The Simpsons do X” or “The Simpsons go to X” or “Homer is now an X”
  2. It has heart - Marge’s recorded video to Homer is really affecting, and displays an emotional maturity that had been lacking in the show for nearly a decade
  3. It’s long enough to feature genuine character development, and most characters act consistently, rather than as vague Family Guy-style ciphers who act depending on the needs of the joke/plot
  4. It’s much funnier, and I cannot quite explain why. “Don’t look where I’m pointing!”

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fan of the film, but, you know: Credit where credit’s due?


I remember thinking it was surprisingly not awful. I think they had some of the old writers back or something.

That said, it was still shite compared to the good old days, when a shitload of great jokes could come from something like ‘Homer skipping church’, rather than feeling the need to send them to random countries and cram in terrible cameos all the time.


Oh that’s another thing it has going for it - the terrible cameos aren’t intrusive and implausible. Green Day are there, but they’re playing a gig, so why wouldn’t they be there? And why wouldn’t Tom Hanks lend his credibility to a government video? Much more “organic” than Mel Gibson hanging out with Homer for… some reason.


so springfield going under the dome (I think that’s what happens) and Homer being cast out for being X isn’t your first point there?


It’s a bit outlandish, yes, but at least it doesn’t feel like it was written by picking tropes out of a hat. Or by manatees moving plot balls across a giant tank.


My issue with the movie is that it offers nothing a normal episode couldn’t. It’s not like with a live action show where you suddenly step up the budget and the effects and the stakes and go large… what happens in the film could easily happen in a normal episode.

Also, Bart’s penis.


I just remember finding it really boring


it’s not “Homer is [outlandish occupation]; Shenanigans ensue”; he was cast out for causing the environmental disaster than caused the dome to be put in place.

yeah, that’s a pretty big strike against it.

I wouldn’t argue that someone’s really missing out if they haven’t seen the movie and it certainly would’ve been better had it came out a decade prior, but even with Bart’s penis, the main bulk of the film is still better than the past few prior seasons and everything since.