The Actual Simpsons Thread


More breathing room though. The plots of the show have become so convoluted that nobody has any time to just be themselves. There’s not even enough time for them to act like the Flanderised versions of themselves! It’s lost a lot of its warmth as a result. The film doesn’t exactly get it back, but it came closer than it did in a very long time.

With you on Bart’s penis though. And why has Ranier Wolfcastle changed his name? And why is Moe’s Tavern now called Moe’s Bar?

Yeah, it’s average at best. But like I said above - credit where credit’s due. It’s not as bad as it could have been.


I guess the thing for me was I’d already stopped watching (new episodes of) the show so I couldn’t even compare it. You might well be right but it wasn’t even close to the Simpsons I love so I never really saw why I should care about it, I only really watched it because I felt I should and it was on tv one day


That article someone posted last week about the Planet of the Apes musical was great, and it mentioned how the extra adverts make the show 2 minutes shorter these days, making it even harder to have anything but vital plot and a stream of quick win jokes.

Not excusing it by any means, it’s still just utter shite compared to what it used to be, but it somewhat explains some of their issues. That said, it’s The Simpsons. If Fox gave a shit about easily their most successful thing of all time (they must have made half of their money from it), they’d give it the time and love it deserves (the best thing they could have done is end it at season 10 – imagine the legacy of that almost perfect show).


Had it ended at season 10 it would have been resurrected for Netflix by now. I wonder if they’d have aged all the characters, like Gilmore Girls did?


As far as I’m concerned it did finish at season 10 and thus is perfect


Could have worked out well. For it to be resurrected they’d have got people who loved the show involved, not whatever hateful bastards are churning it out now.


actually I’m willing to give season 11 a pass too, there’s some alright stuff in there, and I kinda like the idea of “Behind the Laughter” being the final episode


Gonna get my DVDs out of the loft tonight and watch them all (I have seasons 1-10, and thus it will remain).

Might even do some sort of blog about it. Some episode-by-episode thing or whatnot. Idea?


not to defend the idea of taking away the show’s airtime for more ads, but I’m not especially sympathetic as the writing on other shows has adapted to that handicap. The show’s inability to stick to a coherent plot is probably its biggest fault.



Cape Feare only has the rake bit because it was too short. Obviously the rake bit is brilliant, but it shows they used to craft brilliant episodes in a shorter time.


I thought Bart’s penis was quite a good joke.



I totally get the complaints against this episode and it’s certainly a harbinger for even worse things to come, but I’ve always thought it was a rather funny episode overall.


Yeah it’s aged way better than what was to come, it’s just unfortunately also a sign of what was to come




i’ve still never seen it. didn’t see it in the cinema which would have been absolutely unthinkable ten years earlier. started to watch it on TV a couple of years ago but about 5 minutes in i thought “you know what, fuck it, i have better things to do.”


yeah the plot is shit and annoying but it’s also annoyingly pretty funny.


'Up yours, children!" alone puts it in positive territory for me.


“Can I see your copy of Swank Armand?”


Anybody watched the episode where they go on a cruise? That’s got Hot Chip, Steve Coogan AND Animal Collective in there - isn’t that enough for you nerrrrrrrrrds?

[serious point - there are still some good episodes, but those are usually the ones written by guest-writers who remember when it was good and so are aiming for that kind of thing]