The Actual Simpsons Thread


The lighting on that scene :heart_eyes:




I only just got this now.



Think it would be even better if it was regular guy thinking about whether in the You Only Move Twice episode, Homer was referring to the shoe he just saw thrown or a similar incident he’d seen in the past


This keeps popping up on my Facebook. Doesn’t really work that well, does it.


Bought this the other day.




Well jealous of that.



i thought this was excellent, it explained in detail things that i realise i’d vaguely picked up from reading about the decline of the show on here and elsewhere


I own this, and it makes me so happy. Genuinely might be my favourite possession.


I think I might have to buy this



Lenny’s reign of terror


Pretty much the exact same I felt about it!


oh god

someone on the Simpsons Shitposting page (that has gone all weird lately, jokingly (I hope) branding itself INFOWARS PRESENTS Simpsons Shitposting, turning off member posting so there’s barely any content getting posted) has edited the scene with Frank Grimes laying into Homer after he invites him round for dinner, and they’ve matched it with the dialogue from that gross scene from Pulp Fiction where Tarantino gratuitously uses the n-word repeatedly.

as much as I grimaced from those bits, it’s… I mean, they cut it so Homer does Samuel L. Jackson’s parts : D and Frank Grimes totally fits Tarantino’s voice.

overall, :grimacing: /10