The actual Thursday night thread (not to be confused with that other thread which has both the words Thursday and night in it)


Only 50 minutes late

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Anyway, tonight was my annual attempt at cooking hasselback potatoes

Doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself. But the proof of the pudding (or potato) is in the eating. And it’s back in the oven - could have done with at least as long again, and they were in for 50 minutes to start of with. Ho hum. I’ll try again next year.


You can’t beat a Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink potato.


Just lying on my bed and listening to Mazzy Star because why the fuck would you want to do anything else?


I don’t want to brag, but…


Part of our porch ceiling has collapsed following this morning’s storm :frowning: nobody hurt and nothing damaged internally but it means a call to the insurance company and the ballache of working out if they’re going to cover any / all of it … That’ll be nice to see when I get home after 13.5 hours out of the house

Had burger, weird sour, off to see Lucy Dacus (after a nightmare with tickets lol)


Next door neighbour’s cat was in my garden, with one eye completely closed over. Spent a good five minutes bothering him to check as best I could and that eye was not opening. Went and got my neighbour to come fetch him and take him to the vet, at which point the wee bastard trots up quite the thing with both eyes wide open, making me look like a lunatic.


Listening to Divide and Dissolve, eating s&p prawns, basking in the glow of having euthanised many fruit flies.

Which of the many manyy books on my Kindle should i read next?

Random choice of 5…


Life Ceremony

Author of Convenience Store Woman, and Earthlings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Collection of weird short stories inc more asexual couples, someone who loves a curtain, people eating their dead

Salt Lick

Some sort of near dystopia where the countryside is empty, lots of flooding, and i think some cows are annoyed

The Perfect Golden Circle

Some lads in the 80s making crop circles and bonding

A Certain Hunger

Possibly about a cannibal food critic

First Born

Trashy Will Dean about twins or something

  • Life Ceremony
  • Salt Lick
  • Perfect Golden Circle
  • A Certain Hunger
  • First Born

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Well that’s a bit shit


Making Katsu curry.
Not the most photogenic of foodstuffs just yet, but it will taste good. Hopefully



Might want to empty the sick out of that pot before you start cooking imo


That’s impressive :astonished:

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Thank you! It’s my one skill. Shame it’s not marketable really

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I reckon the best album to forget about and then rediscover is The Power Out by Electrelane.

What a band.

  • Python web scraping learning
  • Chess theory book now you’ve got the board set out
  • Play Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Play Yakuza 0
  • Play FFVII remake
  • Watch Paper Girls
  • Register some domain names
  • Doomscroll until bed time

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Was the oven turned on? :wink:


The bass is there because we had to remove it from the flooded garage (which is actually fine as almost everything was stored above ground level or was waterproof). It’s in shocking condition tho

In a proper filthy mood for some reason.