The advantages of buying in bulk

It’s often more economical per unit, you get more of it and you need to shop for it less frequently.

The disadvantages would be the upfront cost is much higher and there might be storage implications.


Really smart post, thank you for sharing


That’s my pleasure.

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Don’t fucking bring this shit up again!

Excuse me?

This is an open wound that you’re prodding!

The Incredible Bulk. You won’t like him when he’s hangry!

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Oh! I’m very sorry about that

That’s ok. I think when lockdown is over @Steved is going to take me on a day out to Costco


Is there a difference in this climate between buying in bulk and panic buying?

Instant classic thread


That sounds good. There is a Costco near me and also near Jurassic Falls dinosaur golf and a Turkish restaurant. I think it’d be the best day

Wow, that does sound like an excellent day. I will bring a load of weed.

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I don’t dabble in the doobie, but you can go ahead

I wasn’t offering

(posting this made me laugh out loud and people are looking at me)


At the start of lockdown I did a bulk order from bidfoods and I think I’ll do it again. It’s really handy for stuff like chickpeas and chopped tomatoes - I batch make curry with those so the larger tins are ideal, they won’t go out of date for ages and it means less to carry when I do a food shop.

Gonna make a massive pot of chickpea curry later today as it happens.

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I guess another downside is that you might bulk buy a particular product and then get sick of it before using it all.

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Another advantage could be that you could avoid a future price hike. Much to be weighed up. Not an easy decision.

The prices of bulk can go up as well as down.

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