The Aftermath Football Thread Of Man City Finally Getting Their Pants Pulled Down

The main news bulletin is of course that Eric Lichaj got his dog (cheers) after social media harrassed his wife into it (slightly discomited murmurings). Look at him though!

Arse on the verge of palming Walcott and Sourgrapez off on respective bunches of suckers. Liverpool looking to hoover up Butland and Mahrez. Armed police at the Steel City derby tonight, which seems… excessive.

Absolute pile of Gunnercrap in the Saturday PL kick offs. Maybe some stuff happening on the continent? Certainly nothing’s happening on Sunday, bar the wig-off at the Vitality.

The dog is called Gunner :joy::heart_eyes:


Is it strange that this is the first year I’ve become aware of ‘Cityzens’? How long has it been a thing?

2015-16 season, I think.

(in terms of the supporter membership group)

It’s supposed to have been our nickname since time out of memory. I have fucking never heard it being used in any situation before the new academy went up.

Robin Van Persie returns to Feyenoord from Fenerbahçe, 13 years after the acrimonious departure from the club where he started as a 16 year old.

Anything Kuijt can do, RVP can do better?

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It’s spelt Kuyt


Bundesliga is back tonight with Bayer Leverkusen hosting Bayern München, with 2nd place Schalke (the fuck when did that happen) hosting Leipzig in the Saturday evening slot for people who like to pretend to be into that kind of thing

Don’t think the FA cup fixture’s this weekend sorry man

It’s spelt Cunt


Bristol City will finish the job before that inevitable shellacking.


Ooh Bournemouth vs Arsenal promises to be especially wiggy on Sunday lunchtime

No it isn’t.

Incidentally I have to do a work thing with a man named Dirk next week.

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Y’know what would be good, right. What would be good is if we sold Coquelin, Theo and Alexis and replaced them with young, but Actually Really Quite Good, players.

Thanks for listening.

Apparently the next Manchester tug-o-war is for Fred (not that one), despite hmm signing a new contract three days ago

You probably will do that and then you’ll let them get to within a year of their contracts expiring and then it will happen again.

probably just be some pacy young wingers from the French league 2 against won’t it

plus while at Arsenal they’ll struggle to establish themselves for four years, then have one good season right before they leave.

do the germans refer to this as the bayer derby?