The Aftermath Football Thread Of Man City Finally Getting Their Pants Pulled Down


I’m guessing Wilshere can’t play?

Well Bayer is a pharmaceutical company and Bayern is the area known as Barvaria which Leverkusen isn’t in but sure, we can make that a thing

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Early 1920’s in terms of a nickname.

With a y it’s a bit naff, but these things are dreamed up by cheesemos in suits. Think Spurs memberships are called iSpurs and One Hotspur. Chelsea members are called True Blues. Everton have a scheme called Foreverton.

(I’ve not just Googled all this, fuck you all).

Ah, okay. Just a bit Baader-Meinhof-y in that I’ve never heard of it before and now I seem to read it on a weekly basis.

Loovens, Wallace, Fleck and Gorgeous George Boyd are all making this extremely FM 2012 for me.


If Arsenal lose Sanchez, Walcott and Ozil then things are looking pretty grim over there. Can’t imagine them pulling out the cheque book in a major way to replace them

Ezequiel Barco is a pretty interesting signing for Atlanta United. The latest of several decent non US players who have signed on their upward curve.

In other interesting news, amazon is not opening their HQ2 in Chicago. So, no more new spangly soccer franchise within a fifteen minute ride of me. Genuinely delighted!!!

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:joy:I wanna know how long he sat there for

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Indonesia vs Iceland tomorrow lads


Gonna be really hard to take City’s inevitable crushing defeat on Sunday. It’s been so long since we lost a league game.

Think Liverpool could win by three or four.

We’re all here for you, mate


£1 on Chesea, Spurs and City drawing

reasonable #tokens if it did happen

figured it’s worth a pop cos I can see Chelsea failing to score, Everton shit-housing their way through and Liverpool both scoring and conceeding several

Jumps out of bed

Runs down the stairs singing the MotD themetune

Puts breakfast on

Realises it’s Cardiff v Sunderland

Opens another packet of Valium


FA Fucking Trophy.

Don’t care that we’re gonna get spanked 6-0. Day out on the beer and stuff.


Weve got FOREST

The Aaron Tshibola/Eric Lichaj/Henri Lansbury/Steve Stone/Ross McCormack/Stan Collymore derby


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Your following of kik is very very weird

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Imagine driving from Sunderland to Cardiff for 12:30 on a Saturday to watch Cardiff and Sunderland play football. An utterly grim existence


Give him a break, mate, it’s only gone on for about seven years.

Ah fair does, i dont want to rock the boat!