The Aftermath Football Thread Of Man City Finally Getting Their Pants Pulled Down


Ah fair does, i dont want to rock the boat!


Simply showing some concern for a fellow dis community member…


Away at Barnsley. Decent away day that. Shame I’m at work.

Dad has just sent me a picture of him having a beer in the world famous Barnsley Metrodome :frowning:

Roll on Notts County in the Cup (tbc), I can send him a picture of me having a beer in Hooters while he’s stuck at work.


City’s under-18s have named the sons/grandsons of four ex-players (Rosler, Wright-Phillips, Moulden, Corrigan) on the bench today.

That’s nice, isn’t it?


Would wright/Wright-phillips be the first to have 3 generations of a family play in the premier league? If he ever gets a league game obvs


i’m all in for a second wave of Wright-Phillips’s to dominate the game on an international level. Get him on the plane


Wright Phillips having a kid old enough to be a professional footballer is absolutely terrifying tbh



That pass was good though


Messi is an alright player, like, but christ he’s a fucking worm isn’t he? I think he loves money more than anyone else in the world.


He probably doesn’t actually give much of a fuck about it as long as he still has ‘loads’. More likely his advisors who won’t get paid millions for life that arrange this sort of shit and he doesn’t care enough to look into it/ have a moral compass.


What are the real juicy, actually illegal bits? I’ve read it and it seems to in reality say quite little.


Quique Sanchez Flores shockingly doesn’t want to swap his nice life in Spain for Stoke.


Can see them getting a good result in their next game or two and their assistant making a stand for the job - usually how it goes


what a steaming cunt


think it’s more immoral than illegal, since they’re exploiting loopholes


Messi is has an iffy past regarding charity games etc tbf

I’d be shocked if all the big name players aren’t on the fiddle to a degree.


Henri Lansbury :sob:


This Chelsea game is an absolute cracker. Chelsea are gonna win it 1-0 mind


Cardiff won 4-nil btw
better game than city will have