The Airing of Grievances Thread


Remember that time Smee tried to do a 100 reply thread that only he posted in and you dickheads had to go and ruin it for him?

Why did you do that? What harm was he doing to you?




you were talking shit about avocados in that other thread


Sorry Japes, I was only talking shit about them when hot, I was talking indifferent about them otherwise


consider this grievance locked.

all the best anthony.


Stop distracting everyone from the beeves

You’re like a little kid whose mum and dad are arguing


I have a grievance with you now, please be kinder to me.


ok, sorry ant


Thanks very much, it takes heart to do that and I appreciate it a lot.


I prefer The Monitor!


steady on, festivus is still 11 months away!


i agree with you so often that i actually find it quite reassuring when you’re wrong like this. (cold avocado is obviously great, not sold on the idea of eating it hot, though)


@ninetyeightytwo calling me ableist

I’m calling you out!


Oy @Smee I’ve got a grievance with you now for not acknowledging my kindly thread about you.


I hereby acknowledge your grievance


i can’t be bothered to read the beeves anymore
this grievance is aimed at myself