The album is dead; Long live the playlist

More banging tunes
One smash after another
RIP Skits
RIP concept albums
Antiquated format from a bygone age made by a music industry that just wants to make money

None at all

So much lack of progression in music comes from old fuddy duddies not wanting to admit that they don’t like change. People still buy vinyls for crying out loud! Basically once a concept exists, everyone says that’s how it has to be until the end of time. See: Encores at live shows.

The album is dead. The album is unnecessary. The album is pointless in the streaming age. Accept it.


Where does the Greatest Hits album sit within your hypothesis?

The transition between album -> playlist to help those that still resist

Thank you I have no more questions.


Barely ever listen to albums any more. Nerve of these fucks to demand an hour plus of my time to listen to their music AND THEIRS ALONE.

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Albums are proper Brexit

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Yes, I too am happy spotify make lots of money and artists barely make any. Sounds great.


I like albums more than I like playlists. :+1:


I miss albums.


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Yes I also think the Music Board needs more satire threads.


I like albums and playlists for without the album none of my playlists would ever have been made.

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They only turned a profit this year I believe, for the first time ever.

Different ways of listening to music for different needs

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Playlist is better for dance and electronic. Albums for new releases and classics. Skipping about on any albums I kind of like from more than 5 years ago which is almost a playlist (I will never listen to a full Mac deMarco album again, but could be tempeted to stick on a ‘greatest hits’ from 2 and salad days)

Albums Will Never Die, but You Will


Millions of playlists now will never die

Why not listen to both?

Or have I gone full Lib Dem? :thinking::dizzy_face:

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all-bums more like

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