The all encompassing portion size thread

In the nutritional information section of the packet. Small portions hey? The granola I’m eating says ‘per 45g portion’. It’s a 550g pack and I think I’ll get through it in 4 days tops.

Do you stick to the portion size

  • No I eat less than that
  • No I eat far, far more
  • No idea
  • Yes strictly stick to recommended portion amounts of things

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Got these small bowls, like side dish bowls - I eat my cereal in one of those and it is about right for that portion size, get about 10 days out of a packet of granola. It’s not so much about strictly sticking to the recommendations, more that I just don’t need that much granola


Big twixes are two portions - good luck there


I normally eat far, far more, however, I’ve become a lot better a wallowing in the misery of weighing out bowls of things, so as to maintain recommended portion sizes

Portion is a funny word isn’t it?

  • Haha yeah!
  • No it is just a word

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one standard serving of commercial lager is

  • 1 cans
  • 4 cans
  • other cans

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Can I ask why, if it is not too personal a question?

Big can of soup = one portion with about four slices of sourdough slathered in butter.

Then I’ve had my savoury so I’m okay to devour a whole pack of party rings with a flat white

That’s lunch, btw


Standard pasta portion is 125g (I use half a 500g bag when cooking for two).

  • Correct
  • No I weigh out three strands of linguine or some shit

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The actual portion size of a Viennetta is half a Viennetta

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

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I only drink charity lager.

when drinking from a 500ml bottle of soft drink a standard serving is

  • half a bottle as it says on the label
  • the entire bottle, obviously, fuck

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Boring twat alert:
I started eating the recommended serving of stuff (particularly when cooking) about 6 months ago and after a while found it perfectly filling although I would add 2 caveats, 1) I’ve never really ate much snack food at home 2) when we go out or get takeaway I still eat an absolute ton



I have two cans a night usually.

Depends. I weigh it out (the 90g - wholemeal pasta I guess) and know my wife will take less but also we’re having it with a quorn bolognese or whatever

I’ll admit 250g of pasta does produce enough to leave leftovers, unless I’m feeling particularly greedy.

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  • Just too much, every time
  • Not quite a full mug, if using the Munchies mug that came with that Easter egg, for two

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I think it started when we were making lunches for the week and I wanted to make sure we had enough for each day and that we had a similar amount each day, Then I didn’t want to find myself making porridge with like 100g of oats, Then I just realised it was easy. It definitely has an element of body confidence issues in there. I only realised I didn’t hate my body shape in about November 2018.

edit: also, I wouldn’t make a cake that didn’t have the ingredients weighed out accurately. I know how many onions, veg etc whatever by eye, but there’s no other easy way to tell how many rices or pasta I’m using, for example.


  • Put dry pasta in your bowl until it looks like enough, forgetting that it gets bigger, therefore ending up with way too much but still obviously eating it all
  • Not doing this

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