The all purpose Tuppaware / Plastic Containers thread!

Are you genuine Tuppaware only? or will you happily buy any old shitty plastic container?

Ever hosted a Tuppaware party?

My mum still has some genuine 70’s Tuppaware, I’m very jealous…

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One of my biggest irks is our cupboard shelf of Tuppaware-like plastic containers. There are several of approximately the same size but from different suppliers, and the lids all have fold-over tabs on them, but they’re not interchangeable so I always spend ages looking for the right lid. Threw loads out a while back to make it easier, but they have somehow multiplied again.


We’ve mostly got repurposed takeaway containers.

I don’t understand why it seems to be so difficult to get containers that are stackable and don’t leak. I’ve got some clippy locking ones to take my lunch in for work, but they take up loads of space. We’ve got others that can stack one inside the other, but I can’t use them for packed lunches because they’ll spill.

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This is a beautiful thing.


Love a good container.

2 of those soupy tall mug ones in red and blue
1 sistema green noodly one
1 sistema green square one
A few super market knock off ones
Then about 10-15 ex-takeaway ones

The 2 sistema ones were purchased about a week before lock down so haven’t yet been the envy of the lunch room.

My mum used to be a Tupperware salesperson, so we had loads of the stuff when I was growing up, including that jug. I used to take my lunch to school in a double-diner every day.

I don’t think I’ve got any proper Tupperware these days - it’s all knock off Systema stuff.

My parents still have loads.

You dont get many that are like nicely sliced bread butty shaped like that in the OP anymore

Was this thread prompted by this tweet?


no, there was some plastic container chat in the washing up thread. Brought memories of Tuppaware flooding back. I used to have this lunchbox…


A couple of the spods in my year had that one too.

Are you saying I’m a spod Marckee?




  1. a dull or socially inept person, especially someone who is excessively studious.

“surfing the Net is a popular late-night pastime for spods”

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Our containers are on a cupboard shelf I can only just reach. If my bf is unavailable to get one down for me I regularly get showered with plastic boxes when trying to reach one.

Treated myself to these a while ago, so many different sizes! What fun!

Have two small Tupperware fellas as well, with removable dividers. Also loads of takeaway plastic ones.

The problem is I have such limited cupboard space that they just sit by my sink… it’s not a system I love but here we are.

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tantalisingly just links to the main Ocado page…

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Yeah, tbf very rarely am I putting anything overly exciting in a Tupperware.
That being said I put some pineapple rings in one last week, that was… I mean exciting is a stretch but better than couscous innit

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It’s pasta leftovers or day old chinese, that’s the best it gets.

very 70’s. Pineapple rings in tuppaware. Do you own a lazy susan as well?

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Oh! Apologies.

These :slight_smile:

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:smiley: god, I wish!