The Americans


Final Season. Whose watching?


I saw the first three or four series but then it trailed off for me despite the high reviews.

I’m not watching anymore but the first few series were brilliant.


Yeah, probably. Find it diffficult to believe the utility of their disguises which always revolve around him looking like an 80s insurance salesman and her as a coronation street character


Got halfway through the first series, stopped watching because my Amazon Prime trial expired. Really liked it, think it’s the only place I’ve seen Character Actress Margo Martindale in the wild.


Could just do a thread of their worst disguises. It is just like they got bored of coming up with new ones each time. I’m sure we have had a few repeats.


ridiculous isn’t it


One of my fave shows ever. I am a season behind though due to life getting in the way.


Love their shit disguises


It’s the same every time, isn’t it? He might wear a flat cap and she might put glasses on, but i remember thinking it was rediculous that they reverted back to the usual disguises after a season or so when they got profiled by the fbi.

Also find the whole ‘oh I don’t really wanna keep doing this anymore’ by the guy a bit tiresome now.

Still okay/10 tv (love beeman)


Also, how the hell does Martha not realise it’s someone in disguise for so long?! He’s wearing a fucking wig


Yes. Love the Americans. Love it.


Always got love for the beeman. Hope he gets a happy ending where he adopts Henry and gets back in touch with best buddy Oleg.


Pretty excited about this. Loved how it started as a kind of campy spy thriller and became something much more engaging. Great performances all round. Also a fan of the Beeman right here.

I reckon the finale will include a flashforward showing Paige involved in the Trump campaign.


they took it off ITV (for that bullshit prestige ITV channel thing that wasn’t on Virgin TV) and I lost track


It’s absolute dog dirt.

One of the worst things i’ve ever seen.

And i like Early Edition and All About Me.


I gave up midway through series 5. Might rewatch it if there’s only one series left. Can’t remember much about it, some nonsense about insects or something like that?

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I’m glad that it is back - Elizabeth looks tired!


What’s it on over here? I assume Foxtel?

(We watched the first series and enjoyed it but not enough to invest in future series but I did hear it improved a lot.)


yep Fox

and yes it picked up quite a bit I think, seasons 4 and 5 were great - knowing this is the last season I’m interested how it plays out

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Silly accents but sad to see them go. They did overdo it a bit with the scenes of violence, racism and improper bacon.

Also so many plot holes in the story arc about the mad uncle with rotting skin who’s destroying the world.