The amount of time between March and June is the same as between July and October

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u ok hun

fine mate.
It’s nearly halloween!


It’s good that Summer 1 and Summer 2 are the same length.

does this not still freak anyone else’s nut to this day?

early march: ooh it’s nearly Glastonbury time, that’s exciting.
early July: mid-September is a different universe


No? But people obsessing over times and dates and what months “should” feel like has never resonated with me. It’s all arbitrary subdivisions of the time until we’re being shovelled into the grave, maaaaaaaan.

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arbitary? kind of, maybe not, but I see what you mean. it’s not the arbitariness of it, it’s the fact it’s a potentially shared arbitary subdivision. I just want to see if anyone shares this with me. PLEASE

Don’t really get this with months, but definitely find it with years particularly going either side of my birth. Like, I was born in 1982, I find it pretty hard to believe that that was closer to the end of world war II than to today. Or as close to the release of historical artefact Sgt Peppers as the release of OK Computer.


June is a different universe to early March imo, more so than July to September



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this reply has really enraged me


Oh sorry. Yeah that’s about the same as Mars to Jucne

Oh god I’m thick

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I’m sorry but this is a lie.
Who gets to easter and isn’t thinking about their summer holidays

no and i dont really know what you’re talking about


March and June are really close together aren’t they. But July and October aren’t.

  • Smee you’re in the silent majority
  • Silent majority? I wish you were silent mate

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the amount of time between july and next july is the same as the time between november and next november

the amount of time between july and next july is the same as the time between july and last july

the total time dinosaurs were on earth was far longer than the time since they were extinct

time is bloody mad isn’t it


i couldn’t tell if you thought march-june felt shorter or july-october felt shorter or what the fuck you were on about