The Angry Birds pop ups are quite annoying

If you can turn them off then thank you @sean.

I’ve moved you up to level 3 so that you should see no ads.

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Sean, he didn’t have the XP for that. At least have him fight a couple of Orcs to prove himself first? :wink:

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Just had 4 blocked in 20 secs @sean. Pretty weird considering its not been happening since we moved over to the new forums.

It is very odd. Not too sure what is causing it.

Also still getting them, always a couple at a time oddly.

a lot of this on mobile

I’m getting them two at a time.

I use Chrome on an HTC phone.

Aye getting this too, nothing on desktop though

Thanks Sean! Seems to have fixed the problem on my phone but will keep an eye out for it and log any further problems.

Btw Sean this isn’t really a solution. Is, this w00t serving again? Last time I tried emailing them the email address bounced…

Nah just move us all up a level. Even better, make everyone a mod.

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It’s likely a remnant ad based on cookies / browsing history as not many people seem to be getting it.

Okay clear Yr cookies if you’re getting this.

Just started getting more pop ups, have done the clearing cookies and etc but still kept coming after that :confounded:

16 pop ups in three short visits.

On mobile, which seems to be the issue over desktop.

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16? Pah. 24 here on mobile :expressionless:

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Up to 26 now :+1:

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Seems, like it’s not cookies and only happening on mobile