The Antlers - Hospice 10 year anniversary tour/reissue


Playing Hospice in full at the Union Chapel in April. Darby Cicci has left the band, but holy fuck, that will still be special.


Was just about to post a thread myself.
Album is being released on 2LP white vinyl also.
Tempted by the Dublin show.


Really annoyed Leeds is the same night as Daughters, though I guess I could do Manchester the day after.

Shame about Darby leaving - think he added a lot to the sound, though I guess with Pete’s hearing issues and the tour being acoustic because of that there’s no need for him.


Glasgow show at St Luke’s is mighty tempting.

Will probably cry.


Think 6Music asked on twitter at the end of last year “who would you like to see reform in 2019” My reply was The Antlers - think I consciously, or otherwise, had an eye on 10 years since Hospice.

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Ah crap, that Leeds clash is really annoying. Having said that, the Daughters gig is gonna be pretty special so I’m happy with my choice.

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Its easter Sunday too. Very tempting.

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Listening to Hospice right now (first time since 2012, apparently, thanks Last FM), don’t really see how I can not go. What a record.


Yeah ive stuck it on, very good though I prefer Burst Apart


Looks like there’s a presale starting today.
Any of you folks have the links?



same, I think. I got into that one first, so that might be part of it. Hospice is still shatteringly good, mind

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Oh nice. Shame about the Manchester venue though. Doesn’t feel the right place for it.


Hospice is one of my favourite albums and I’d only been bemoaning the “hiatus” the other day so this news was amazing… UNTIL I saw it’s “acoustic”. I dunno the ins and outs of the hearing issues mentioned here but I can’t envisage how any of their albums could work in an acoustic setting.


Agreed. Said to my mate last night i think you’d lose an awful lot of the impact of Hospice by performing it Acoustic. Will probably be brilliant now ive said that


Saw them do an acoustic set at Primavera that was 4 tracks from Hospice. Wasn’t great tbh


Saw this tour ten year ago at 13th note, ahm good ta


He did a couple of Hospice tracks on his solo tour in 2017. Here’s an example:


Glasgow tickets purchased. painless, St Lukes is pretty big considering on the solo tour the Glad Cafe wasn’t even full. Happy to be wrong though!


Got tickets for Dublin :grinning:
350 capacity is quite small eh?


Wow. Ok I’m sure it’s lovely but it ain’t for me.