The Antlers

For anyone who also slept on it before the ‘Live in London’ vinyl sold out, they seem to be available now. Kicked myself at the time but there seems to be loads floating around now. Stunning show.

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Replying to my tweet :slight_smile:


Nice enough

God I love his voice so much, glad to have them back

Reckon they should occupy the space in people’s minds that The National do

really gone off them in the last decade


they’d need to be as good as The National for that to work

They don’t need to lower themselves to that level



Sorry, I was being flippant, The National are perfectly good, I just prefer these guys. No harm meant and sorry that I touched a nerve, I didn’t mean to.

Lads, lads… They’re both just awfully good bands but are not very similar and they reside in different parts of my mind


nah you’re fine, my initial jokey comment was too. That’s just me deflecting.

as @thesewoodenideas has just said, they’re not really the same thing so it seems like a moot point, but The National have created a longer, more consistent back catalogue whereas The Antlers have two good albums one of which I can’t really listen to any more because it’s so overwhelming

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Yeah, I agree with a bunch of that too. Different bands for different … needs?

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I guess but I find myself reaching for The National way more often.


Three good albums.

Eh :man_shrugging:

In The Attic Of The Universe, Hospice and Burst Apart.

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No idea why, but have never listened to anything before Hospice. I think Familiars is wonderful fwiw

Never knew that Sharon Van Etten did vocals on “Kettering,” “Thirteen,” “Two” and “Shiva”