The Antlers

Never got anything other than repeated bland loops played for far too long.

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guess that’s my bag

Just remembered port st willow. Think they did the antlers sound better than familiars.

Familiars and the Undersea EP are brilliant. Revisited and Drift Dive are two of my non-Hospice high points


Agree that Drift Drive and the Undersea EP are both amazing.

I felt like Familiars was a disappointment at the time, but I think because it came out around the same time as Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs, I slept on it. But I have come around to it lately.

I also like this version of Rolled Together from the (together) EP/Mini album/ whatever it is.

I also like the ridiculous long reworking of parentheses on that EP but I’m willing to accept that I’m in the minority on that one.


2 of those are right

I’m with you on this. Whenever I listen to Burst Apart I’m always surprised by how short Parentheses actually is, it feels like it should be a 5-7 minute long song at least, not under 3 and a half minutes.

Quite like first listen of the new song. But then Spotify started to play Burst Apart and I had to listen to that again. I was doing OK until I got to Corsicana, but now I’m in bits again. Those last 2 songs just get me every time.

Never clicked with Familiars nor albums prior to Hospice but probably should give them all another try.

Also never knew about Sharon von Etten being involved. But definitely not risking a listen to Hospice right now.


Things like this give me hope for 2021.


What an extraordinarily beautiful new song. Can’t wait for the album!


Think Peter Silberman’s voice is one of my favourites


I go back to Familiars more than any other Antlers album


I think this is the best song of the new ones so far. Can’t wait for the album.

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