the app

do you use the app?

I use “an” app

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There’s an app?

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yeah. I use it sometimes but other times I still use the browser.

you get your notifications on your phone. unsure if i like this.

My mates a cabby in London. MyTaxi changed their name to Free Now recently. It’s an app that black cabs use in London. Everyone thought it meant that the taxi journeys were free, lots of cancelled journeys and angry punters


I did but every time you open it you have to click on ‘social’, and my time is important to me

I’m probably not going to install the app.

There isn’t an app this is a WEBSITE

fuck an app

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I have to do that every time I want to leave a thread anyway

someone else said they don’t have to do this but I don’t understand how

App should be short for Apple

  • Yes
  • No

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there’s both


Had a killer app the other day

Yeah when I type “comm” it goes straight to Social

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comm and get it

R Deli?

I eschew apps when the web version works fine. Always means I lose more space on my phone that I could use for music/photos and then it uses more battery as it sits there polling the website and the like.

Still always having to click the ‘continue using Chrome’ option whenever I get a link to a Reddit page.


I used the app for about a week after it came out. Broke after that. Had to do a hard uninstall to get rid of it.


I tried the reddit app and it was hellish

maybe it makes sense if you actually post or engage, but I just read things sometimes.

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