The Apples in Stereo

ok so i got into Fun Trick Noisemaker in like 2011 through this really lovely guy with a music blog who is responsible for about half my CD collection, legend. but i never listened beyond that because i assumed it would grate.

today i listened to Her Wallpaper Reverie and Tone Soul Evolution. what the fuck have i been doing? they are both absolutely great! the endorphin rush i got from the opening of Shine A Light… whew!!

here are some Apples in Stereo songs i like

do you like the Apples in Stereo?


There was a brief time in my life when I listened to them pretty religiously along with They Might Be Giants for a good 2-3 months. Haven’t heard them in forever, fun band. Going to revisit. :+1:

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actually i hadnt finished Tone Soul Evolution when i posted that and had not yet got this far and this bangs

yay NeilYoung come with me on this journey!! :sparkles: :fairy: :sparkles:

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Always loved this track.

They did the indie neo-psychedelic thing really well at times.


About 10 years ago I checked out a few of the Elephant 6 bands beyond NMH all at once but I now get some of them mixed up, particularly Apples in Stereo and Olivia Tremor Control. Think I remember AiS being decent though. Will reinvestigate.


Remember listening to them loads what feels a lifetime ago. Always got them a bit mixed up with the Olivia tremor control (who I also loved)


Whoa, snap!

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15 seconds in and this sounds mint. will listen properly tomorrow!!


As an entry point for Apples In Stereo try the #1 Hits Explosion compilation.
New Magnetic Wonder is probably their ‘big’ album.
Both Olivia Tremor Control LPs are v good but Dusk At Cubist Castle is the better imo.

Other E6 albums you folks might like/give you a good taster (beyond folks like Of Montreal)

Bill Doss(Rip) who was the guitarist and one of the main guys in OTC and a founder of E6 had a project called The sunshine Fix which you’d really enjoy if you like The Apples.

Elf Power - When the red king comes
The Gerbils - Are You Sleepy
Beulah - When Your Heartstrings Break
The Music Tapes - Mary’s Voice

The Essex Greens latest album is lovely retro 60s pop and things like Dressy Bessy and The High Water Marks are a delight.

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Oh and Circulatory System are worth a look for sure if you’re well into OTC. It’s basically OTC after Bill had left for a bit.

And I’d be remiss to not mention the brilliant A Hawk And A Hacksaw - alt folk music pulling from various traditions and countries/styles.

The Gerbils ummm i think i know which band i’m listening to first


Oh yeah lol
I think they’re great tbh.
Sorry if I went overboard in the replies.
I love lots of Elephant 6 bands :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ah, I forgot to add:

The Ladybug Transistor, great indie pop stuff and my fave LP is The Albemarle Sound.

Love this track they did with Cornelius

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In 2019 I started a track that sampled the drums from this but I never finished it

I like the Apples in Stereo

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I am enjoying ball the Elephant 6 love in this thread. Got very much into OTC, Beulah, Apples in Stereo, Elf Power etc. in my teens/early 20s.

Think Beulah in particular go well next to Apples.

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Was into Cornelius and Apples in Stereo for years before I realised this was a collaboration between the two!

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Really hoping this LP gets a look in with the sllllllloooowwwww repress efforts of E6 recently.

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I adore The Apples In Stereo, seen them live multiple times. Will admit I’m less of a fan of their psychedelic stuff though, but will check out some of the recommendations here since I’m definitely less familiar with it.

Here’s my AiS anecdote…

Back when I was working in my first proper job since moving to London around 2007, I managed to find some common ground with one of my workmates in that we both liked the band. I hadn’t seen them live at that point but my workmate said he saw them not so long ago at 93 Feet East bit it was awful. The sound was horrendously mixed and it was so loud you could barely hear anything through the feedback.

About two weeks after this, they released their new album New Magnetic Wonder and as the opening track Can You Feel It? came to an end, the feedback sounds are mixed into audience from a live performance where you can hear a bunch of people shouting “turn it down!” at them a lot. Then, in one of those moments which properly jolted my brain, I heard my workmates voice shouting “EVERYTHING’S FEEDBACKING, CAN’T YOU HEAR IT!?”.

My mind was blown, I told him right away with a level of excitement that was ridiculous. He thought it was quite funny, and confirmed that was the gig and that was him but didn’t quite have the same level of excitement. I mean, we were talking about them, that gig just a couple of weeks before, and then the exact incident appears on the opening track of their new album, focusing on the person who told me the story!? Still does my nut in to this day.