The Apprentice 2017


New series starts on 4th October so we’ve got a week to make assumptions about the candidates based on their first press photos and quotes





In a stunning turn of events, they all appear to be colossal nobheads! One of those shows I really can’t stand, but watch religiously every year.


A shocking number of terrible pairs of glasses this year


It’s the exact same every time, fuck it


Always quite alarmed at how much older than me even the youngest ones always look. Like guy, work a bit less.


one of them is called charles burns! :smiley:


The first one is called Tory Boy!




Dum da dum da dum de dum da dum de dum da daaadum. Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de daadaah.

I had a pint with Karthik in July. True facts.


how were the eyebrows?


he’s got a hard road ahead if he wants to replace jos as my favourite van emden!

this is now the cycling thread…


I reckon James is going to be this year’s Biggest Twat.


Singular! He bought me a Peroni. Week or so later he went into Celeb Big Bro, was obviously a last-minute meeting about it that he was waiting for. Real nice chap!


I’m going through each candidate’s description and just laughing quietly to myself…

…can’t wait for 'Prentice to be back on our screens pointed finger


amazingly high hopes for Mr Burns


Tory Boy is either going to be the first out or that wet lettuce who limps to the final (eg Courtney)


I hope Karren wears a similar suit and tie combo in the first episode - looking sharp.



Suck a dick, dumb shits!


Mini-Karren has to be an early favourite? But she also has job security - if she’s knocked out early she could understudy for the interviews round.



Those bins, jfc.