The Apprentice 2017


Not sure I can be arsed with these people this year.


Bunch of bellends.


Happy with that as a team name.


The guys trying to sell burgers to thin air and saying that you don’t need to think about costing when you’re manufacturing has done me :'D I love this show so much


Lord Al’s jokes are still shit


‘One is the minimum I’d expect you to sell’

‘If you can trust us with an error in the packaging then you can trust us that they’re great burgers’

No words.


So cringey that they just crossed out the word ‘organic’.


“I had my hands in that meat, and I mixed it.”


They’re one of my favourite things about the show :'D


I have a chat window for Apprentice 2k17 with my 2 best mates and we all typed and sent that line to the chat in unison


:smiley: Brilliant!


Ouch, making a loss on flipping burgers! Useless PM to go, with the Jonah Hill waxwork and the little labelling fella in the boardroom.


Overload of haircuts in that boardroom.


Take it to the Politics Thread, m9




HAHAHA my best friend predicted Danny was the clear winner :joy:


Scary Liz is fantastic


What’s the collective noun for a bellend?




A tories of bellends?