The Apprentice 2017


He was next-level shit, fair dos. Not often a PM can sack off making any decisions at all, trying to sell mislabelled burgers an hour after lunch time without deciding how much they’re going to cost


A carnival of bellends.


I’m tired and annoyed, yeah that obviously doesn’t work.


A jamboree of bellends.


A spectacle of bellends works quite well.


Jeff and Tory Boy shouting for custom at an empty market was nice


From some FB account called Punning Man, btw


Anyone got that Ken Barlow picture to hand?


…and apparently runs a manufacturing business!

I can’t quite work out how nine blokes (who are apparently awesome at business) can spend an entire day making and selling burgers and still somehow contrive to make a loss when their only outgoing is the cost of the meat at wholesale prices. Not even any wages, premises etc to deduct!? Quite unbelievable.


Alright Lord Sugar



This has done me


Enjoyed everyone shouting at Charlie for not bringing more burgers to Brixton to sell to nobody.


Think I would have stopped watching if Mr Burns had been fired. What a character (until his inevitable firing in week 3, anyway.)


Brilliant stuff. I love this show.


Just watched it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen every member of a team fuck up in so many ways in such a short amount of time.


“fight it out to become… Lord sugars business partner…” :confused:
Not ‘the apprentice’ then :confused:




Jeffs pants!!


“I’ll support you 100%” suuure you will pal