The Apprentice 2017


Arf! :laughing:


“You’re both shit, but you spent less money. Congratulations!”


It reminds me of a Julian Barnes novel called England, England in which capitalists distil the essence of Britain down to 50 signifiers and then create an island-sized theme park on the Isle of Wight which is a miniature version of the UK, complete with all the major landmarks and the Royal Family (paid to perform to the public), to appeal to tourists. Eventually it becomes so popular that the UK suffers from the lack of tourism, infrastructure collapses and the country reverts to some kind of pre-Industrial rural idyll.


Jeff’s on about buses again!


What a shit prize


Jeff telling sugar he breakdances hahah


Don’t double down on Henman ffs


Crapadviser :smiley:


Bloke team leader seems a good egg, taking the blame etc. Won’t last long.




That Monopoly joke! Pretty sure they just started with that joke and then built the entire task around it.

This show.


This novel sounds interesting - I’ll add it to the reading list. Thanks!

I always think of it as the ITVisation of culture. Five hundred years of opera and unless it’s Nessum Dorma, Barcelona or bloody Time To Say Goodbye on something like Britain’s Got Talent, nobody will touch it.


It’s definitely an interesting idea but I’m not sure the execution does it justice (the most memorable part of the book is a graphic adult baby scene, boke)… It was absolutely perfect for my dissertation though so I’ll always have a soft spot for it for that alone.


Genuine new levels of ineptitude all round. Classic episode.


The bit I remember from it was the female character being asked her age in the boardroom. Even though she’s 39 she aged herself up to, is it 42? in order to be taken seriously by them. It’s great when she rationalises it to the guy who susses out the ruse.
And the man-baby stuff of course. Jeez.


Just watch the first 2 episodes back to back, fantastic. The looks of the subteam leader when that person kept measuring. Then after she’d finished asked her 3 times if l there’s anywhere else she’d like to measure :smile:


disappointed that we won’t see more of jeff


Me too, I feel like break dancing was just the tip of the iceberg


Yeah I was interested to see what else he had a background in.


i didn’t realise that he was a banker at first and so i thought that them asking him to be the numbers guy was some sort of absurd stereotyping/racism.

once i realised that that’s literally what he does for a living, i started feeling less sympathetic towards him. the breakdancing was absolute gold, mind.