The Apprentice 2018


Sad to miss the live DiSing again this week (was at a mate’s gig) so had to catch up earlier. Kurran actually wasn’t the worst on that task but he really needed to win to avoid getting sacked so i get it. So much gold from him this week, that salmon suit was something else, reminded me of Mark Henry off wrestling

him editing that video as well was hilarious.

He’ll surely be back for the final for more dickheadery the clown


Kurran made me sick, glad to see the back of him. I hate people like that


Just caught up on this, Kurrans behaviour in the boardroom was so foul, fucking glad he’s out


5 minutes then

Captains this week must be that lad who hasn’t PMed yet and the dodgy piercing girl aye?


Reckon Shuggs is about to start dishing out the "with regret"s


Double sacking is overdue


Hope shit Katherine Ryan gets the heave ho tonight.


Can bet your house on Kayode getting that when he eventually goes


Nah, she’s ok.


Always sounds like he has a cold



“The cars will be outside in half an hour”

hits snooze


Sometimes Jackie has very black eyes like she’s possessed by a shark. It’s been bothering me what freaked me out about her for a while now, that’s it.


She’s a dick but she seems competent, think she’ll hang on for a few more weeks


Is an urban garden just a garden?


Plays urban beats


With a bit of graffiti


Just a lot of potted plants in a concrete space I think (balconies etc)


Getting more and more unreasonably annoyed by Eyebrow Piercing’s eyebrow piercing each week



Very reasonable imo