The Apprentice 2018


I am up for this tonight. Terrible people, terrible show, terrible Mr. Sugar but hard to give it up.




Like how the hall is lit like a hooker’s window.


Is this task just for Sugar to make shit puns?


No team names this year then?


As if by magic…


Nevermind :slight_smile:


I said it last week, but I love Claude so much.


Snorting teabags been cut from this edit


ENGLISH!!! TEA AND BICCIES!!! Camilla is absolute soft Brexit


Sorry, emptying a teabag out on a doughnut? Where do they get these fucking dickheads


Probably would’ve been cocaine if they had their own way. Gotta make it TV friendly


I would eat a doughnut covered in cocaine


Glazed PCP and cocaine ring doughnut


His intro gets more detached from the task each week doesnt it.

“I’m glad you could join me here in the desert of Iraq. Beside me is a recently unearthed statue of the pagan god Pazuzu, later to become a demonic figure in the theology of the early christian church as it continued its inexorable expansion throughout the ancient world. Pazuzu was also the main antagonist in the exorcist, the tale of a possessed young girl in contemporary america. She is bed bound for much of the film, and due to the mess she makes you can imagine she gets through quite a lot of bed linen. The linen industry is worth almost 3 billion pounds globally. So for this week’s task you will be designing luxury linens and selling them at the world linen expo in shoreditch. Now I’m gonna balance out the teams…”




That’s one of the best things about it! It’s so fucking daft


£5 a donut? What?


£5 for a doughnut??? Fucking hell, have a word.


Hang on? £5 a doughnut?