The Apprentice 2019

This man is going to be prime minister one day.

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Which will make you not a liar, thus avoiding his gun squads.

Find it fascinating to follow him still, have to admit he seems to be working very hard on his pillars business, was handing out thousands of branded face masks outside Stratford station yesterday.

Did he get that book specially for the tweet do you think?


Still mildly obsessed with Tommy, the phrasing of this tweet, especially the ending, has done me

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Fucking hell. This is dril-esque

Yeah the last sentence is just pure Tommy.

Look like it’s gone already

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To be fair most of this is good advice for anyone.

How do you cope with a massive penis?

I think you just say “Yes, Lord Sugar” and get on with the task.

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Doubled down in a classic ‘man in car’ video.