The Apprentice 2023

Think about how much better this would have been with Avi being interviewed


Bet he turned up anyway cause he forgot he’d been fired


Not read any of the comments from todays episode as it’s just about to finish on my (late) iPlayer stream.

Real thoughts. This format is DONE. Sugar and his funny handshake cronies need to understand what bullying is. I get that it’s televisual entertainment, yet upsetting people is fundamentally wrong. No real input from the interviewers, just a constant power game. Raw viewing. Just wrong all-round really.

The interviewers need cross examining themselves. Push the show on, give it to Tim, make it real again. Abhorrent viewing.


Why did none of the advisors think Marnie’s business was workable, it’s essentially the same as PureGym’s business model but boxing

In fact none of that lot will have set foot in anything below a David Lloyd so no wonder they have no clue

Lord Sugar, Baroness Brady, FUCK that! It’s a power game, and it stinks.

Give it to Tim, you can see it in his eyes, he knows. Just completely wrong.

Not watching anymore. UK Trump Television. I’m OUT.

I think it was just an effort to make it look more like a contest. Leaving aside whether you think her business is viable or not she’s clearly demonstrated a lot more entrepreneurial ability than all the others. So they had to dump on something. Personally I don’t see why opening your first branch right next to a competitor boxing gym is a smart move, but I know dick all about running a business.


Just imagining Avi in the interview with Lynda or Mike and just utterly confusing them to the point they are screaming at him to leave, but he’s always smiling when he gets back to the sofas and says “yeah it went well.”


think the interviews were a bit harsh but at the same time, Dani and Victoria were completely useless. £210k on extensions and putting sweets in a row seemed to be the extent of their business plans.

I liked Megan but her idea was rubbish and a place like that wouldn’t work.

The sneering at Marnie for her '‘I’ve got the loans lined up but need this extra help’ was a bit odd, surely that’s what the show is about, giving people a boost to make a successful business. She seemed to be the only one as well who really cared about what she was doing, hope she wins


The whole thing feels fucking weird now anyway because basically if you go on Dragon’s Den you get the same deal more-or-less, but you get your pick of five of them, they don’t call you a cunt on national TV (well, Touker might but it’s clear even the other dragons hate him now) and it takes fifteen minutes not three months. The format feels really paper-thin at this point, but they must chuck an absurd amount of money at it (or does Alan pay for them all to go to Dubai out of his own pocket?)

Maybe they all just really enjoy designing logos that look like poo, you don’t get that on Dragons Den


Just watched the interviews episode. I was brought up to believe that if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing. And with that in mind, I’m quite happy to go on the record and say that Karren Brady is a deeply unpleasant person.


So wish one of them had had the balls to say “Cameron picks don’t count Cazza”

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Really looking forward to Avi being last pick for the returners next week and then doing something fucking mad to ruin the salon or whatever


Yeah. I’d happily tell her to her face that she is very bad-mannered, with specifics, and I am by nature non-confrontational.

I’m looking forward to learning more about cannons.

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There’s no tension in the interviews when the candidates and business plans are this bad. Convinced in this era of Apprentice the producers hire the shittest people and give them less and less time to do everything, including the business plans, because they think it makes good television.
There needs to be a thin veneer of credibility (however tenuous) to the concept, or it ends up just being a freak show.

Thank goodness for Marnie.

Also im noticing the scripted bits too much e.g where the girls take it in turns to monologue something encouraging, or Karen with her hand hovering over the tissue box.


Do they normally do this intro?

Think so.

How far behind am I