The Apprentice 2K16


Cannot wait to get really angry about Dillon St. Paul




Pack it in, mate.


‘Like the Tasmanian devil in the famous cartoon, I will torpedo my way through to the win’ - deep-blue


Already annoyed. Can’t wait!


oh shit I know one of the candidates (tenuously). hahaha


do tell!


‘If I wanted to be like everyone else, I’d have waxed my monobrow’.



Damn it, was literally just about to post that


I really can’t I’m afraid, given my username. Sorry!




best pose goes to this guy


Are they usually the owners of their own companies?

I guess that’s a reflection of the prize now - essentially the final round is like Dragon’s Den and you need to have a pitch/product/company ready for investment.


‘Sometimes I feel like James Bond when I’m in my suit’.



They should rename it The Business Partner in all honesty.


ah, fair point. i’ll speculate wildly instead!



A lot of those people don’t have real names…


Some of their quotes read like parodies :smiley:

Can’t wait for them to mess up a “buy all 10 items task” and “make a crap book for kids about cereal.”


Tonight then.

Think I did this last year but lets have your guesses at the team names. I’m going for Virility and Soupçon.