The April 2021 Wrestling Thread: WRESTLEMANIA 37!

Mickie James has just joined NWA and will be the executive producer for all-women PPV on 28th August Mickie James signs join the NWA; all-women's PPV announced

I think this is fantastic news for her. To finally get to do what she wanted to do in WWE. Fantastic news for women’s wrestling in America. Ever since WWE Evolution, I always felt there was a demand for it to happen again. Obviously, this is in NWA, but they’ve got some good talent on the roster. I wonder if we might get a couple of women from AEW on it?


Ooh colour me interested


Somehow, I missed this, but Kylie Rae has signed with NWA. They’re starting to gather a fairly decent female roster there. It makes their all-women PPV even more interesting

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Already enjoying Samoa Joe Mark II more than anything he did before he was fired

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The Vice documentary on Chyna is really good, but such a difficult watch. It will make you cry and make you really mad at some people who just took their piece of her for their own ends. It will bring you down at how few people seemed to be on her side.
BTW, Vince Russo comes out of this as someone who really cared for her and has seen some of the worst things happen to other wrestlers


Where did you watch it?

I’ll DM you with a link

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Me too please!

Anyone else completely forget HIAC was tonight?

The only HIAC match with build was on Friday soooooooooo I’m not surprised we all forgot it existed

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is the intro to Bret Hart’s music played here at about 40 seconds?

I watched all but the main event, seemed an alright show?

Main event was also quite good when considering Lashley and McIntyre have been feuding since 2001 or something.

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Yeah but my apathy to all things wwe right now means I need more than an okay show to justify me wasting 3hrs of my life on it. I mean what’s it all in service of? Bugger all as far as I can tell.

The product is officially in the shitter right now

Dunno, what’s any wrestling in aid of

Personally feel like 75% or more of Smackdown is quite good.

Not even 7.5% of Raw most weeks though.

It’s hard to understand how the same company produces them both.

I am unable to find the meaning of wrestling in either sadly

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Lot of talk of them going all out for summerslam and survivor series

lesnar, becky and cena for summerslam and the rock for survivor series

A roll up in a Hell In A Cell?!

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