The Archie and Sabrina TV megathread

Feat. Riverdale chat, Sabrina hype and presumably, eventually Josie and the Pussycats becoming a tv show.

They just cast Sally Draper as Sabrina.

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I’m going to watch the new Sabrina with some trepidation. I love the original series, it was a cornerstone of my childhood, and I’ve comfort-rewatched the entire thing about 3 times since adulthood took me against my will.

Should probably watch Riverdale, people keep telling me it’s good, although I have recently seen some #kickingoff on social media that Jughead isn’t asexual like he is in the comics.

Did you read the comic that this ones going to be based on? It’s v good and gory and satanic and super stylish, I really liked it.

Never actually read any Sabrina comics, what’s it called? I’ll give it a go if it’s good. The only Archie stuff I’ve read at all was that one recent trade that was written by Mark Waid and half drawn by Fiona Staples and half Annie Wu. I’ve also got Afterlife With Archie sat there waiting to be read but not got around to it yet.

should i watch Riverdale?

They’re in the same vein as Afterlife With Archie (I haven’t read Afterlife With Archie though). very bloody and dark, full of rituals and things being sacrificed and super 1960s styled all of which I like. The horror is fully ramped up and it’s really not like the tv show.

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I think it’s a really likeable show.


v similar visually to riverdale which isn’t necesarily a bad thing, but doesn’t look like it’s got quite as perfect a style as the comics

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I watched all of riverdale, pretty good, better than twin peaks, but found the over arching story pretty sloppy, like they foreshadowed stuff in season 1 that came to fruition in season 2, but then its execution kind of negates the family history of season 1 to the point it makes less sense. Have s televisual crush on jughead



Just about to watch now :slightly_smiling_face:

Sabrina I mean. This is pretty much the Sabrina thread at the moment.

I really liked the first episode

Salem’s a good boy
Sabrina’s got a cool group of friends.
Different to the comic but also the same as the comic. Needs more rituals and gore but I guess theres time.

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About to watch Sabrina now slow down everyone


Could not find a cauldron emoji, but will be more than happy to add any existing emoji you might wish for

Rhnmhiu. I can’t find the witch emoji. Maybe there isn’t one.

It seems: good


Lucy Davis is the perfect aunt


Michelle Gomez has me cackling with joy at her perfect hammy evilness

Getting a bit too dark for me with this soul eater stuff

Finished ’brina last night, verdict; pretty good

Thing the casting, atmosphere and look were all great, and had the building blocks of quite a satisfying story the corruption of Sabrina unfolding was good, my only qualms are I think there wasn’t enough of her regular high school life after the beginning, and don’t think they really made the stupid decision’s Sabrina made with harvey’s Brother convincing seemed a bit mechanical for the sake of the plot development (also think having his soul eaten and making Harvey kill him was genuinely too dark

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