The Archie and Sabrina TV megathread


Finished ’brina last night, verdict; pretty good

Thing the casting, atmosphere and look were all great, and had the building blocks of quite a satisfying story the corruption of Sabrina unfolding was good, my only qualms are I think there wasn’t enough of her regular high school life after the beginning, and don’t think they really made the stupid decision’s Sabrina made with harvey’s Brother convincing seemed a bit mechanical for the sake of the plot development (also think having his soul eaten and making Harvey kill him was genuinely too dark


Netflix sent me a message telling me to watch it again


I find it really hard to watch Riverdale knowing it’s set in the same universe as Sabrina cause I keep expecting supernatural stuff to happen. The spooky stranger things music makes me like… oh cool great something spooky is about to happen. Nope.

Also find it quite hard to watch these High School Kids being so dramatic about stuff that doesnt matter that much. It’s not like they live on the hellmouth or need to save everyone from evil demons.


Three episodes into Sabrina and mixed feelings so far.

Michelle Gomez is outstanding, Sabrina herself and the two aunts are great. Is Ambrose meant to be taking the speaking part of Salem’s old role? It’s not working. The school scenes and characters are dull.

I wanted it to be more Buffy, but I think it’s all a bit too Harry Potter/Charmed/Grimm/Lost Girl for me. That whole courtroom stuff in the third episode was just utterly, utterly terrible.

I want a familiar though. Please. Thanks! :slight_smile:


jughead’s on board with the class war


Really enjoyed Sabrina, so started watching Riverdale.

Wasn’t sure about S1 but got through it cos eveyone on the show is really fit. First few episodes of season 2 are soooo bad though.


S2E4 - legit one of the worst episodes of TV I’ve ever seen.


series 2 is terrible and it kind of retroactively ruins season 1


Whats s3 like


too early to say but doesnt seem to be the back to basics approach I had hoped for spoiler: archie is in some kind of prison fight club orchestrated by some crooked prison guard, veronica has set up some kind of speak easy under the diner, and betties family are involved with some kind of cult, there is also some penoid game that is causing people to harm themselves



New episode of riverdale is good


The dream demon episode of Sabrina was like a filler Buffy episode.


So weird how they seem to forget in S2 of Riverdale that characters need to have consistency of motive and moral perspectives. Not even possible to describe Archie’s character imo.


finally watched sabrina, I was forcing myself to watch riverdale first but it was just rubbish tbh (sorry), I hate archie and was only watching it because jughead and betty are such babes.

sabrina is so much better, I love both aunts and mrs wardwell. lucy davis looks and acts so much like my aunty anita it’s mad.

dunno if it’s just an idea I’ve got in my head and can’t shake but seems like all the men actors are much worse than the women actors.

wish my house was decorated like sabrina’s house.


Susie’s character was probably one of my favourite things about the show, as someone who grew up being bullied for being a tomboy but started feeling happier/more confident in themself as I found other women like me.


Chrimbo special dont like how Sabrina is hanging out with the people that killed harvey’s Brother, seems a bit soon, almost like they’ve forgotten, doesn’t bode well for a good overall storyline


@ttf are you still watching Riverdale? I know I should stop but I just keep going, no idea why. Very difficult not to roll my eyes every time they mention the gargoyle king, initially thought they were moving the show closer to Sabrina but now I just think it’s being written by some kids in high school who don’t know how stories work


I am, I still find it enjoyable but recognise it is complete trash with no rewatch value. I thought it was going to be sabrina sequel too, right at the beginning their was some ritual with the babies, and the gargoyle kind, but don’t know where they are going with it. Not sure what happened with the cult/farm seem to have dropped that thread


yeah I’m hoping something else is gonna happen involving Nicholas

obvs Harvey being from a witch hunting family is gonna really develop isn’t it