The Armed

Enough demand for their own thread? Probably not but they are a band always up to stuff so why not

They have a feature length concert film out which is getting massively good reviews.

Annoyingly it seems to be like a digital cinema so you have to be watching at a certain time and can’t stop it, has anyone seen it>

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Watched this a couple of nights ago. It’s brilliant. The Stop Making Sense of hardcore. Reckon Ultrapop is my album of the year. Great band.


How did it work, is it like I thought and you have to start at a certain time and see it all the way through there and then?

Need to go back to Ultrapop. Gave a few listens when it came out and enjoyed it, but haven’t gone back since.


Same liiked it Al lot at release but haven’t gone back and not sure why. Will sort it tonight

It might be mine too but I haven’t yet gone back to their older albums. How do they shape up in comparison?

Still great but not as ‘tuneful’

this is a favourite of mine

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Got absolutely hooked on Ultrapop when it came out. Reckon it’s AOTY for me as well. Desperate to watch that concert film.


I was enjoying Ultrapop but unfortunately I found out it’s one of those albums that shreds my ears no matter the volume. Not sure why that is.

It’s a shame because it seemed good and the band obviously has excellent taste in music.

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That is one awful cover version

It has nothing on the source material. The important thing is this sentence:

“This cover is modeled specifically after the live performance at the Pumpkins’ farewell show at the Metro in Chicago, IL on December 2nd, 2000. Look it up. It’s super sweet.”

It warms my heart.

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Can’t say I like that version either tbh

I love how fast and vicious it is, Corgan screaming over Jimmy unleashing is my favorite thing about live music. (I won’t ruin the thread with more Pumpkins talk.)

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They are excellent. Saw them at Trees in 2019 and they were insane, genuinely feared for my own safety watching them, just chaos. Had a fella in the mosh pit dressed as a tree with croissants on a table. Proper fucking haircuts.


The film is so great. Spent ages wondering who the older bloke in the suit was, its Troy van Leeuwen

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Ultrapop is so, so good


Watched it three times this week, that performance of Fortune’s Daughter is SO good.

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Can you watch it again then? I saw it earlier tonight and definitely want to watch it multiple times

yeah that was my favourite too, sounds amazing

oh my god this is incredible (@TAFH33)