The Armed

Ahhhh I’m in a quaint lake District pub and can’t listen, but I really want to.

Delighted to see a new record on the way.

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Just spent far, far too much money at Evil Greed on record and t-shirt preorders.


I can confirm they were also great at ATG. Our tiny minds were blown… and thankfully, not forcibly removed from our heads by the guitar launched into the crowd by the member my brother’s wife started referring to as Psycho Jesus.


Julien Baker is on the single apparently. Have listened to it maybe 20 times today. So good.

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never clocked that was the guy from Genghis Tron

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I can’t help but be even more fascinated by the real Dan Greene. Imagine working full-time in a retail store and being whatever about also being a creative force in an excellent band that’s huge in the indie world. I’m assuming he’s happy with his life, not here to judge that, just find it really interesting.

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Listening to Ultrapop for the first time. Feel I could get in to it if it didn’t sound so horrible. It’s like they’ve shoved the album in to a 2d plane.

The live version they released later has better dynamics, but I do love the absolute wall of normalized sound that is the studio record.

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They’re The Strokes now.


really like this one. am i being daft or is Cara not in this one (only briefly watched some of the video on me phone)

Listening to The Armed every day at the moment and having a great time. I’ve been a fan for a long while, and they were great at Primavera last year, but now something has clicked and I’m properly in love. Didn’t think much to Sport of Form at first but it’s getting regular listens now. So excited for the album. The past week I’ve watched the masonic live show a couple of times and though I’m not sure about some of the story bits, it’s so much fun.

I’ve been going through all their earlier stuff too - that first live album they did is really decent. Just non-stop noise, it’s relentless. I think that’s the best release from the stuff before Only Love

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Is this available to stream? I remember trying to find it around release to no joy.

I don’t think you can stream it anywhere I’m afraid, I bought it on itunes (worth the £6 imo)

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Not that it was ever going to top Ultrapop, and can see it’s a nice progression, but feel a bit meh after the first listen.

I really like it on first listen. idk yet about comparisons to previous records, because I’d still go back to ONLY LOVE more readily than I would Ultrapop (think Witness does the whole maximalist pop undertone married with genuinely horrible noise thing better than anything on the album that specifically aimed for that). I definitely want to hear this record live.

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not as good as Only Love/Ultrapop but I’m enjoying this. not wowed by it but i think i’ll like it more and more with each listen. imo it’s at its weakest before Everything’s Glitter but gets much stronger from then onwards

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Like the new one a lot more than I thought I would tbh

Listened. Enjoyed. Will probably do the same as I did with Ultrapop which is forget it exists by this time next week.