The Armed

Strong agree. Ultrapop has everything turned up to 11 and is so fatiguing (fucking excellent still though).

just got one for brudenell. was sold out on dice but could get on seetickets

Surprised its selling out already, seems the albums been a bit under the radar

Only Love is better than Ultrapop imo.


i think Ultrapop is my least favourite (still good). fucking love Perfect Saviours, chock full of bangers

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Yeah, I think the highs on Ultrapop are great but I’d rarely play it from start to finish. Perfect Saviors probably benefits from leaving it’s boring tracks for the end (sorry, they’re not for me). But have always thought Only Love is the actual distillation of the maximalist pop meets hardcore that the critics lauded Ultrapop (just a really good rock record imo) as. The last 30 seconds of Witness being the absolute pinnacle of that.


Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, but is very very good and making me very very excited to see them.


Hi, selling a spare ticket for the HERE at Outernet gig on Wednesday. It was £28 pounds face value on Dice but would go a bit lower to ensure someone gets to go. Please let me know if interested.

Anyone seen any stage times for tonight’s show? It’s a venue I’ve never been to - how is it, reasonable for getting a drink and watching a band etc?

Haven’t seen times yet. Been to the venue only once, thought it was pretty good for sightlines. The bar, at least in the upper floor I was on, was a bit rubbish though … Poles in front of it that meant people formed a winding, long queue rather than just standing at the bar.

Haven’t seen them since Only Love so am looking forward to it!

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Very excited for tonight. At the gym right now getting a pre show pump on. It’s what The Armed would want me to do.


They actually took out some of the panels of the ceiling in the Brudenell last night. Take that Kasabian!

I wouldn’t advise standing anywhere near the front as half the band seemed to spend most of their time crowd surfing. They ain’t small guys either…

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I now run pretty much exclusively to Perfect Saviours. Will never be as hench, but can channel some of their energy.

Super excited for tonight. Empire State Bastard a decent support too.

Gutted I can’t make it tonight, hope they smash it

They were, if I’m blunt, really fucking annoying when I saw them touring Only Love. Several absolutely huge blokes spending most of the time on the floor and actively dragging people into a pit. I get it, “hardcore” etc. etc., but I will definitely be aiming for the upper floor at Outernet to be well clear of them.

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Yeah I kept my mid 30’s ass to the back of the room. They seem to have quite a devoted following and I couldn’t tell if they had people already in the audience ready for all of it as I saw some people wearing what looked like name tags? It all seemed good spirited enough up front and was a great show but I don’t like seeing the Brudenell unnecessarily damaged. One of the singers is easily over 6 foot and I couldn’t help but think about that incident recently but I think they know what they are doing with it and going about it the right way. Also they are using strobes if anyone needs to be aware.

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It was great last night, but yah…super glad I was nowhere near the front. That tall guy is ENORMOUS. Spine crusher.

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I’d reinjured my back the week before I saw them tour only love, they flooded the whole venue with dry ice and the big lad was running around the place absolutely smashing people with no warning during the first few songs. I’d have been in an ambulance if he’d hit me.

think they were annoyed there was hardly any one there and I remember him saying that the other singer wasn’t with them because she’d been arrested the night before.

I wouldn’t trust them to not injure people.

I’m very excited and (thanks to the advice above) very upstairs.


When I saw them at Trees in 2019 the big fella was doing forward rolls into people. Found it all too much to be honest.

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