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New sports website just launched in the UK covering football, for now. It’s been in the US for three years covering all the big sports there. The model is they poach the best sports reporters from newspapers, then readers pay a subscription to access the content (which will be ad-free). Will be interesting to see how it does here. Still doesn’t seem like paywall models have proven themselves yet.

Probably won’t be subscribing to this, on balance.

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There was a sub-thread on this in the football thread the other week. They’ve ‘poached’ some big names, for a lot of money. More money than I can see their model justifying, tbh

£10 a month? FO,M


Esp. if Google Chrome Incognito browsing refuses to play ball with them:

Hello. I’ve given it a go.

Up to 500,000 subscribers in the US now, probably paying an average of $5 a month when you take into account all the discounts they offer. It’s a decent revenue stream.

American media so no thanks

Yeah think this is very key. Sports fans in the US seem to be very attached to their local beat writers, so were willing to follow them when they jumped ship.

The local press doesn’t exist in the same way here - does a Liverpool fan care more about whoever’s writing for the Echo than the Mirror or Mail? So they have to compete with the nationals straight off the bat.


There is a bit of a niche of football fan that will be more clued up as to reliable sources for the team they support. Often that goes down to local paper level as well.

Just doesn’t seem enough of a demographic for it to be profitable here IMO but I’m intrigued enough to have signed up.


Not for me, hope they don’t poach all the good podcast people and make me pay for those


Bet they attempt to buy Muddy Knees Media at somepoint

luckily so far they’ve gone for michael cox and honigstein (both may be good journalists tbf and have their place, but Idon’t like either on a podcast).

Looking at it briefly it seems they’re directly assigning journalists to follow a specific club - that doesn’t interest me at all, as good and connected as someone like amy lawrence might be, I don’t want all my lovely Arsenal content to come from her.

I like Michael Cox tbf

Will be interesting to see how it goes, don’t think there are any Spurs specific journalists that would convince me to sign up though

Who even bothers with journalists these days

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Just follow the players on Snapchat innit

Poor Neil, he never gets invited to anything


Already worth the subscription tbh:


Do you get access to the American site included in the UK subscription?

Think so, yeah. There’s options to add baseball or whatever but I haven’t used them.

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